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2016 Conference

The 2016 EDA conference workshop and 10 Year Anniversary

Since 2006 thousands of homes and households have benefitted from an EDA consultation, talk or presentation and the service has come to be regarded as a leader in its field.

At this year's conference we looked at how the service started, what it has achieved and how it continues to raise the bar on improving NZ's housing stock.  

See the presentations at the 2016 Eco Design Advisor Conference Workshop in Palmerston North below:

The 10 absolute  must-have ‘Up-Specs’ for 2016
Double glazing: Demystifying the options
Home schooling: Best practice in client-centred learning
Home heating considerations and options
Raising the standard of rental housing: Case studies and experience
Thermal imaging: Revealing hidden truths and other uses
Building above the building code: Short term savings can mean long term costs
Layouts and bubble diagrams for new builds and alteration

2016 Conf invite