The Eco Design Advisor Service provides free, independent and personalised advice on improving home performance and occupant health. Establishing this position in your Council is highly valuable to homeowners


  • Demonstrates that council is being proactive and leading in healthy housing initiatives
  • Delivers an improved quality of life for current and future residents
  • Develops internal staff capacity to promote the principles and practice of sustainability
  • Demonstrates Council’s commitment to meeting the Building Act, by ensuring buildings are designed in ways that promote sustainable development


As part of having an Eco Design Advisor service, participant councils need to allow for the position to:

  • Undertake free in-home consultations with householders as the primary role of the service
  • Provide free phone advice and short consultations for homeowners regarding their new home or renovation plans
  • Undertake presentations and network with industry and community groups to promote the service and increase understanding of sustainable building practices
  • Participate in fortnightly conference calls across the network – a key part of keeping up to date with best-practice approaches and latest research findings

The current Eco Design Advisor positions are a mix of part and full time roles

A survey of 700 users of the Eco Design Advisor service found New Zealanders are increasingly taking action to make their homes more energy efficient.

88 per cent of those surveyed had made important changes in the home after getting a consultation from an Eco Design Advisor.

An Eco Design Advisory service has been adopted by eight local councils across New Zealand. Eco Design Advisors are knowledgable and experienced in the field of home performance and receive regular training to keep abreast of current developments. Householders can have confidence that the advisory provides advice that is in accord with ‘best practice’, impartial and independent.


45% of NZ homes are mouldy! The challenge for New Zealand is to improve the 1.6 million homes that we already have, and ensure that when we build new homes, we don’t continue to make the same design mistakes.