oly smoke, that’s awesome!

I’ve been trawling the internet trying to get some independent advice from someone who has overall knowledge; never thought to check the council J I already have a fair knowledge of the whole concept but it would be great to talk to someone who isn’t trying to sell me something. Thanks for the email, speak soon


– Alun Davies, Christchurch

Hi Julie

Thank you so much for your time today.  I found your advice really insightful and have greater confidence in our building design.  We will take forward your suggestions and try working them into the design. And of course,  you are most welcome to come and look at the finished house next year!

Kind regards,

– Marilyn Regnault, Christchurch

Thank you very much, Richard, firstly for your visit and all the useful information imparted!!  I have developed such an interest in the sustainable/eco/passive building movement … long overdue in New Zealand, methinks.

Warm regards

Juienne, Nelson

Hello Julie,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. As Sonia mentioned you really seems to be a star sent to us from design heaven. Council’s service is highly appreciated. Sure, it would be great to receive some more valuable feedback and discuss more about our project with you. I will get back to you for catching up soon.

Enjoy rest of your day.

Bhamini, Christchurch

This is a really useful service- very helpful and the advisor was great to deal with.

Much more wide ranging and practical discussion than I expected. Great service- thanks.

– Kapiti Coast

Dear Julie,

Thank you for meeting with us yesterday.

It was a really great discussion which I have gained a lot from. Your style of explaining things was brilliant and easy to comprehend.

I appreciate your enthusiasm and welcome any further input you may have.

Kind regards,

Lynette Curry, Christchurch

Hi Richard

Dianne and I would like to thank you very much for your time and very useful information and knowledge you imparted to us. Thanks so much.

Our meeting confirmed our thinking is on the right track and you also left us plenty of little gems that’ll be helpful.

Kind regards

– Bryce, Nelson

The changes that Nelson suggested were all doable and did not involve a large outlay of money. A very practical approach to the issues we presented. Nelson was very knowledgeable and being an independent advisor we felt that he was not suggesting changes that would benefit him. We felt listened to and very positive about the suggestions he made.”

– Maureen and Steve, Palmerston North.


Thanks for the information and links.  It was really informative to meet with you and particularly hear about your own experience with building a thermally efficient home.  It’s always good to know that the theory works in practice.

Our conversation got me really excited about what we can realistically achieve with our home build.  I spoke to our architect and he is keen to explore new options for achieving thermal performance.

It’s great that the council values building healthy efficient homes enough to sponsor having your knowledge available to the public.  Thank you!

Megan, Nelson

Hello there,

You just don’t know what you don’t know till someone who does turns up. Within 2 minutes of being in the house Nelson from the Palmerston North City Council had solved a problem that had made life less pleasant for 25 years – retained heat at night in the height of summer. “Open one window, and put the fan at an open window at the other end of the house, so it blows the warm air out  – not on to you!” Now so many have heard about this idea and use this simple technique, and summer night heat is more bearable. Then came an assessment of the curtains (almost to the floor is not ON the floor, so warm air escapes) – and we had another contribution to a warm healthy home in winter. The full house assessment was free and took only a few minute, but has made a bigger difference that any other assessment we have had. Scientific knowledge and practical application, given on site in an understandable way is an excellent combination. Thanks Nelson Lebo and the Palmerston North City Council.

– John Hornblow, Palmerston North.

Most impressed with Richard both his knowledge and excellent presentation.

– Kapiti Coast

Hello Julie

Your tips are amazing!

It’s so much warmer in our house now! Thank you 😀

– Emma Hunt, Christchurch