For most people, owning a home will be the most valuable asset they possess, and the place they spend the most time. Whether you are interested in creating a warmer, drier home, reducing your environmental impact or saving money on running costs, engaging an Eco Design Advisor is a great start. What’s involved in an EDA visit?


Your EDA will visit your home and advise on how to make it warmer, drier and cheaper to run. A room-by-room assessment will be made, looking at a wide range of areas. This includes, among other things, your heating system, where heat is being lost, sources of dampness, the status of insulation, how the power bill might be reduced, and how the sun’s energy might be better utilised. You will receive a list of prioritised recommendations to improve the performance of your home.

One of our key points of difference is our independence. We’re not selling a product, but we do provide impartial advice on products relating to heating, insulation and ventilation, and how these might best suit the individual needs of your home.

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