Keynote speaker

Climate change, energy and housing – what is possible in New Zealand?   Associate Professor Janet Stephenson, University of Otago

Dr Stephenson’s research has encompassed the ‘energy cultures’ of households, the impacts of climate change on communities, best practice management of NZ’s electricity grid, and contributions to the Royal Society of New Zealand’s report “Transition to a low-carbon economy for New Zealand”.

Setting the scene: what will climate change mean for our housing?

Climate change and flood hazards in NZ – what does it look like and how have our homes coped so far?   Ryan Paulik, Deep South Science Challenge

Auckland’s Climate Action Framework and its implications for Auckland’s built environment     Matthew Blaikie, Chief Sustainability Officer – Auckland Council

What might climate change friendly housing look like?

A blueprint for climate-safe housing: A community response to the combined climate and housing crises   Scott Willis, Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust

Outcomes and lessons from zero energy building projects and what might be applied more broadly in future buildings   Shay Brazier, Revolve Energy

Designing and building a family home in Auckland to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge, Homestar and Passive House   Rochelle Payne, Living House Challenge

How do we engage our clients/customers?

Engaging with Aucklanders to reduce carbon emissions, and extending the reach of home performance advice   Sophie Heighway, Sustainability Initiatives Manager, Auckland Council

Enabling communities to lead their own futures: DCC’s innovative (and stolen!) approach to adapting to climate change   Maria Ioannou, Community Planning, Dunedin City Council

Connecting with Kiwis on climate change   Jane O’Loughlin, Communications and Engagement Manager, EECA


Tools to help build and design for climate change

Life cycle carbon in buildings: what is it, why is it important, where is it being used internationally, how can it be accurately calculated in NZ, what is a good result, and where does Beacon’s Waitakere NOW Home sit in terms of NZ carbon budget?   Brian Berg, Building Environmental Scientist, BRANZ

Experience of using carbon assessment as a design tool for a multi-unit residential project in Auckland   Tricia Love, Sustainability Consultant, Living Building Challenge Ambassador facilitator

Best practice advice for households

What we know about mould in our homes   Caroline Shorter, Otago University

A new housing survey from 2018/19 and recent research findings to underpin advice to households   Vicki White, BRANZ

How to help households make smart heating choices that are good for them and the planet   Julie Villard, Eco Design Advisor, Christchurch City Council

Implementing change across the housing stock

NZGBC research into the potential contribution of the residential sector to meeting NZ’s 2050 zero carbon goal   Andrew Eagles, CEO New Zealand Green Building Council

Insights and lessons of delivering Warmer Kiwi Homes national retrofit programme   Eddie Thompson, Manager Warmer Kiwi Homes, EECA